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The Commit to Wealth Podcast - Creating Generational Wealth through Real Estate Investing

May 25, 2019

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in various real estate asset classes including multifamily, mobile home parks, self storage and development. He’s the author of the Perfect Investment, host of the How to Lose Money Podcast, and frequent BiggerPockets contributor. He’s the founder of Wellings CapitalPaul is a previous guest of the Commit to Wealth Podcast, Episode 29 to be exact.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the value formula (income/cap rate)


    7 Reasons 

    • Record number of 1031 exchanges

    • Self directed IRAs

    • International capital

    • Institutional capital

    • Tax reforms

    • New Gurus

  • Understanding mobile home parks and self-storage as asset classes

Nuggets of Wealth

  • What is a good tool, source, or platform you use daily? Hubspot, 411

  • What is the best advice that you’d give to someone transitioning from multifamily to mobile home parks/self-storage? Find a great operator or team and go work with them to learn the business from the ground up

  • What book are you currently reading? Principles by Ray Dalio

  • Where do you see your business and company in the next 5 years? Opening a growth fund and an income fund

  • At the end of your life how do you want to be remembered? Someone who had an excellent business and fought human trafficking

  • Where can Commit to Wealth Nation go to contact you and find out more about you and Wellings Capital?