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The Commit to Wealth Podcast - Creating Generational Wealth through Real Estate Investing

Mar 5, 2018

Brian Burke is the founder and CEO of Praxis Capital. Founded in 2001, his firm operates on multiple platforms, focusing on several asset classes including single family homes, self storage, mixed-use, and large apartment complexes in several states. His team at Praxis has a combined 100+ years and $6.3 billion worth of experience in the multifamily sector, including management of over 90,000 multifamily units. In today's episode, we'll go over what Brian believes you should do to grow your multifamily business and what to look for. He provides great tips and strategies. Topics covered:

  • Why he used his credit card to buy real estate when he first started
  • What he learned about market corrections and what he did to avoid going under
  • How his investors appreciated what he did for them
  • What is IRR
  • How his great team helped him grow and scale up quickly
  • What you should pay attention to other than the deal

Resources covered:

"Don't let emotion drive your decision."

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