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The Commit to Wealth Podcast - Creating Generational Wealth through Real Estate Investing

Sep 25, 2018

Jacob is the co-founder of REEP Equity, a vertically integrated multifamily investment firm that focuses on acquiring value-add assets in the San Antonio, Texas region. His company controls over 1,800 units valued at over $130M. Jacob focuses on developing and overseeing REEP’s growth strategy and takes a hands-on...

Sep 25, 2018

If I asked you today "What is your WHY?", would you know the answer? Would you know your "True" WHY? 

Most wouldn't because their answers will come from their head. They will be automatic answers, "why's" that they've told themselves over and over again. 

But I bet these "why's" are not deep enough. 

In this episode I'm...

Sep 18, 2018

Are you stuck in the rat race and feel like you are struggling to get out of it? Today's guest helps people just like you to become financially free within 3-5 years. His name is Michael Blank and he's helped his students acquire over 1,600 units throughout the United States valued at over $55M. 

Best of all, he's...

Sep 11, 2018

Ty Crandall joins us today to discuss the importance and benefits of building your business credit. Much like consumer or personal credit, building business credit allows you to increase your score and credit limits. 

In this episode we discuss why Ty believes you should not use your consumer credit on your business...

Sep 11, 2018

When you think or say you want to be a "Real Estate Entrepreneur" or "Multifamily Syndicator" (since that's our focus on this show), it's natural to think you have to become active to be successful. What happens most of the time is we force our way into becoming that entrepreneur that we envisioned, even if it's not who...